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How do I Contact Hubsta or speak to a member of the team?

You can contact Hubsta by emailing or calling 0800 954 0091

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I Need to locate a charge point?

Hubsta has a live charging station status map available on our website or our smartphone app, available for download via the App Store and Google Play. Using the app you can search for the closest station from your current location.

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Why do you need my payment details?

Some charging stations may have a fee applied to them for any electricity used. Payments are taken by monthly Direct Debit. Download Direct Debit form here

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How do I cancel?

We hope that you would not want to cancel but if you do please contact and we will facilitate this for you.

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What to do if you lose your fob?

If you do happen to lose your fob please contact us straight away to cancel via email

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My charging lead will not release from the charging station?

Please contact our 24/7 telephone support number on 0800 954 0091 and we will get this released for you.